Tanja Klotz and Rochelle Kurmis

Adult Burns Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital

  • Digital version of a burns reference book known as MAPS
  • Includes global scales including the Vancouver Scar Scale


The ClinMAPS PRO app is an iOS application that helps clinicians assess the progress of burns scars. It is based on the reference book, Matching Assessment using Photographs with Scars (MAPS), which was developed in 2005 by Margot Masters and Margaret McMahon, therapists working with burns patients at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

While the hardcopy has been sold by the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the app makes the information more readily available to clinicians and therapists worldwide, ultimately benefiting patients across the globe.

Other scar rating scales use numbers or words to describe what the scar looks like, but since every scar is quite unique, photos provide a much better comparison. The app also includes the Vancouver Scar Scale, and creates a pre-formatted report that the clinician can email or print, and also includes a patient-centred questionnaire, allowing them to give their own feedback.

AusHealth Research's Contribution

 AusHealth Research funded the development of the app and guided it toward a successful release on the iOS Appstore in December 2018.