Vial Hugger Back and White Recovered

The VialHugger is a medical accessory invented by an Ophthalmologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. The device conveniently docks with 1.5 mL vials (Eylea, Lucentis), locking them into place securely with a simple push.

Following numerous prototype iterations with varying size and weight, the current design was finalized by Adelaide-based ophthalmology equipment specialist manufacturer with strong consideration for aesthetics, safety and practicality. The weighted device allows a single operator to draw up a liquid drug from the vial while maintaining sterility. The VialHugger can be sterilised using gas or autoclave.

Greatly reducing the risk of needle stick injury, the VialHugger has been extensively tested in clinical practice and is hand-machined from a solid piece of anodised aluminium, with an adjustable resistance pin in the well providing a secure locking mechanism.

AusHealth Research's Contribution

AusHealth® Research funded the design, production and manufacturing of the VialHuggerTM, which is now available for sale internationally.

Interested in more information download a fact sheet here.

Credits: Inventor - Dr Weng-Onn Chan, MBBS
Ophthalmology Consultant, Royal Adelaide Hospital