Lead Inventor

John Glasson MAppSc (Med Lab Sc) , Dip. Med Tech

(ex)Chief Operating Officer, Division of Clinical Pathology, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science


Mr John Glasson observed the considerable cost in plating microbiology specimens – a process that had not been improved in almost a century. Working with a team of engineers at the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science (IMVS), a prototype was developed to automate this previously manual process. Mr Glasson's invention improved plate culture performance, and allowed more accurate results for laboratories.

AusHealth Research's Contribution

AusHealth Research was involved from initial idea to market delivery. In the earliest stages, the company assisted with funding and steering early development. Once proof of concept was achieved, AusHealth Research was able to assist with patenting and through further product development. This culminated in securing a licencing deal to take Microstreak to market, with ongoing financial returns from this arrangement to SA Pathology and the technology's inventors.

This licencing partner was Labtech, now listed on the ASX as LBT Innovations (LBT) LBT partnered with bioMérieux under an exclusive distribution deal until 2015, which saw the machine promoted internationally under the brand PREVI® Isola.

This idea was the basis for the formation of Labtech, and now LBT is a successful company based in South Australia which develops new technologies for microbiology companies worldwide. Created by scientists at IMVS, developed and licenced by AusHealth Research.