Firefly device

Dr Richard Burnet MBBS

Endocrinology Dept, Royal Adelaide Hospital.


The Hypowatch technology is a patented method of detecting dangerously low blood-sugar in the sufferers of Type 1 Diabetes. Worn by the patient like a wristwatch, it is a non-invasive way of alerting the wearer to onset of hypoglycaemia, allowing them to take action. This is particularly useful if hypoglycaemia occurs during sleep.

AusHealth Research's Contribution

AusHealth Research was approached with the initial concept for the device, and drove it toward tangible product development. This included supporting the researcher, engaging and working with engineering teams to develop the concept device, and protecting the intellectual property for Dr Burnet and the hospital. AusHealth Research, as an agent for CAHLN, licenced the device to Firefly Health.

Firefly, in collaboration with Grey Innovation, has now raised over $9 million required to make a medical device suitable for a worldwide market.

For more information view Grey Innovation's synopsis of the device.