Dr Michael Brown MBBS, Ph.D., FRACP, FRCPA

Consultant Medical Oncologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital


APOMAB® is a novel antibody platform technology that targets proteins present in cancerous tumours. AusHealth Research has supported the development of a cell line to manufacture APOMAB® to produce what we expect be a breakthrough treatment for solid tumour cancers. Research is being undertaken to explore the development to produce Radio-Immunoconjugate-Therapy (RIT) and Antibody-Drug-Conjugate (ADC) products for cancer treatments and diagnostics. AusHealth Research is excitedly anticipating commencement of APOMAB® human trials in 2017.

AusHealth Research's Contribution

AusHealth Research has been involved from the early stages of APOMAB®'s development. AusHealth Research has provided commercial expertise and market assessment, and assistance in protecting the technology. AusHealth Research has also investigated and involved external partners to continue development, and attracted international financing for the technology's application in a number of markets. These contributions, along with AusHealth Research's own financial investment have seen the manufacture of a high-yielding cell line, ready for further trials and broad manufacture of the technology. AusHealth Research has been marketing the technology internationally, with human trials commencing in the near future.

Recent Publications

  • Staudacher et al. The La antigen is over-expressed in lung cancer and is a selective dead cancer cell target for radioimmunotherapy using the La-specific antibody APOMAB® EJNMMI Research 2014, 4:2
  • Al-Ejeh et al. Postchemotherapy and Tumour-Selective Targeting with the La-Specific DAB4 Monoclonal Antibody Relates to Apoptotic Cell Clearance, JNM 2014;55:772-779
  • Staudacher et al. Targeted α-therapy using 227Th-APOMAB® and crossfire anti-tumour effects; preliminary in vivo evaluation, Nucl Med Communications 2014
  • Al-Ejeh et al The La Autoantigen Is a Malignancy-Associated Cell Death Target That Is Induced by DNA-Damaging Drugs, CCR 2007a;13(18 Suppl) September 15, 2007
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