AusHealth Research supports as many viable medical research projects as possible.

We are constantly investigating new innovations, and how we can help usher them through to completion.

Project Pipeline

Pipeline 2019

Stages of Research

  1. Innovation - new discoveries. By helping researchers at this stage, AusHealth Research helps protect the Intellectual Property of hospital and research team, as well as assist with the design of the project going forward.

  2. Pre-clinical research - the early proofs of concept. This could mean animal testing, prototyping and so on. This research further develops the idea, pushing it forward to a marketable product.

  3. Clinical trials - later stage research. This generally means human trials and towards industrial design. AusHealth Research works with researchers to strategise, plan and finance trials, to refine the product.

  4. Realised - a market-ready product. This is the final stage where a product is in in the market, saving lives or improving health, often worldwide. AusHealth Research's past successes include Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Vial Hugger  and MicroStreak, with Hypowatch soon to join.