AusHealth Corporate Pty Ltd is a company wholly owned by Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN). AusHealth has two business divisions:

  • AusHealth Hospitals, which operates revenue recovery services for public hospitals and other institutions
  • AusHealth Work, a provider of workplace health and safety services in Australia and New Zealand.

These businesses exist to finance AusHealth Research’s role as the exclusive research commercialisation agent of CALHN which includes outstanding health organisations such as The Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) and SA Pathology.

Since 1985 AusHealth has returned more than A$42 million to its shareholder to develop leading-edge medical technologies which have been invented by the highly skilled doctors, researchers and staff of CALHN. AusHealth Research has been successful in licensing these technologies to companies today worth $1.7 billion and has assisted in bringing tens of millions of dollars to CALHN to support its research. AusHealth Research has consistently leveraged funds from other sources to match its own investment in CALHN research, often achieving a 6-to-1 return.

AusHealth Research has been successful in building up an investment portfolio of over A$15 million to support CALHN research and, with the agreement of its shareholder and Board, continues to invest all profits into developing new ideas and commercialising intellectual property from RAH, TQEH and SA Pathology. AusHealth Research routinely brings partners together from pharmaceutical, biomedical and research organisations in Australia and internationally.

Across all states and territories, AusHealth provides employment to over 300 full-time, part-time and casual staff and has offices in three capital cities.

A copy of the FY2017-18 Annual Report can be accessed here.